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Taylor Made Plans! Want the ultimate experience? That is what you get when working with Lynn Taylor!

As of January 2016 we have built 3 new homes, 2 of which were in a historic district. Lynn assisted our project from start to finish with these homes. The ability to web share with multiple folks involved allowed us to have input to make changes of the stock plan to customize to our needs for the project. Another HUGE asset she provides is her experience with the Metro Historic Zoning Commission in Nashville. When the project was presented to the commission Lynn was there throughout the whole process to insure the approval of the project.

The plans are very detailed and when details were followed the home was easily constructed and the quality was top notch. Lynn works with the builder and assisted the sub-contractors during the entire process. The end product is always over the top, solid, beautiful home when the plans are followed. As one new home buyer stated “This was the best home we had looked in the entire East Nashville area. We looked at over 50 new construction homes and we were ecstatic that we had a chance to even offer and even more so that we were able to purchase this home.”

After each project was completed Lynn worked with us and we went over the entire build and documented any changes that were done to make the build even better for the next user that may want to use the plan.
We pride ourselves on building the highest quality homes with premium finishes and this was accomplished with a good foundation – a superior house plan. Lynn’s experience and assistance is an immeasurable asset in the entire process.

Thank you Lynn Taylor, Taylor Made Plans for working with us and for all your help, awesome drawings and especially your friendship! We could not do this without you. We have learned so much in the past year and you have been one of the keys to our success.

With Taylor Made Plans we look forward to making more future Nashville homeowners proud to call our product their home.

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