Whether you’re looking to build a new home in a historic neighborhood or a craftsman in the countryside, we have the house plans you need.

Over the years, we’ve assisted many builders, developers, and affordable housing organizations in selecting house plans. Whether you’re working on an infill housing project or planning a custom development, choosing the right house plan is critical to the success of your investment. We care about YOUR bottom line and YOUR company’s reputation! Homes designed and built with superior craftsmanship, unwavering quality, and livable floor plans to sell more quickly than sub-par layouts.

What makes us different from other home plan designers is that we tailor our stock plans to fit the fabric of your neighborhood. Affordable housing does not mean low-quality housing.

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We understand the sensitivity of buying, building lots, developing, and building new homes, so all your information will remain confidential.

We have switched from phone calls to conducting (1) hour virtual meetings through Zoom. Lynn can access construction drawing examples, Metro Gov property maps, photos, Google maps, etc., and share her screen with you if needed. You can also send pictures, sketches, and other information before the scheduled meeting. Cell phones do not work well with this type of meeting.

We are experiencing high volumes of inquiries for new projects and are currently charging a small fee for the virtual consulting meeting. The information you receive during the consulting meeting will benefit you whether you work with Taylor Made Plans or another company. We look forward to hearing from you!

Plans include single-family homes, house plans for narrow lots, condos, or duplexes. We even have many detached garage plans and tiny house plans from 300sq. ft. to 910 sq. ft. for your backyard. Check out our video of the construction drawings you will receive with a set of house plans: Construction Drawings for a New House

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Are you a first-time builder or developer? We can assist with the daunting and stressful task of understanding neighborhood requirements and historic guidelines. You can count on our assistance in selecting the most appropriate plans for your needs and budget.

Selecting an affordable house plan that enhances your client’s life and the neighborhood is no easy task. Whether you’re selecting a plan for a vacant lot in an affluent historic district, renewing economically-blighted inner city blocks, or creating a traditional neighborhood design development, we have the award-winning house plans you need.

By combining design elements of older homes with modern building materials and methods, we’ve created a catalog of affordable home plans that have a historic feeling yet are easy to build, single-family homes, narrow lots, condos, townhomes, garages, and outbuildings that easily blend into any historic neighborhood.

We care about the future homeowner. Lynn Taylor’s first new infill house was built in 1996. With hundreds of houses built locally, Lynn keeps up with how well the houses are holding up to time and the weather. Our house plans are designed to last a lifetime if your builder follows the construction drawings. We don’t skimp on details and materials because we believe ALL buildings should be designed to reduce future maintenance costs and be built to last. YOUR business reputation is riding on it!

We have house plans up to 4,999 square feet. However, many of our house plans are less than 1,400 square feet, and several are designed specifically for narrow lots, providing a range of options for organizations seeking to maximize the property where they are building affordable homes.