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37 TIPS for Homeowners to Avoid Being Scammed

Check out these TIPS before you start the renovation or adding onto your home process. Sometimes we all need reminding of the basics Do’s and Don’ts. You can sign up below for more information on this guide and receive our free gift; 37 tips for

Navigating The General Contractor Bidding Process

Before adding to your home, I recommend you select three qualified licensed contractors or remodelers out of your interviewing list from whom you will solicit written bids to start the bidding. Three bidders is the industry standard on large projects. On smaller projects, you may

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Little Things You Never Thought To Tell Your Contractor

  A Homeowner’s jobsite expectations for your contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Handymen   (Note: I will be using the word “contractor” for all categories of builders, contractors, handymen, remodelers, subcontractors, and tradespeople.) The word “jobsite” doesn’t just mean your house. It’s your house, your land, and your