Jarrod | Owner | Two J’s Development Group | Stock House Plans

As a newer developer to Nashville I cannot overstate how much of an asset that Lynn Taylor has been. As a company we always strive to provide the highest quality of home in not only craftsmanship but design as well. The knowledge and attention to detail we receive from Lynn is so valuable. I would say that the most valuable service that Lynn brings to the table is her ability to have virtual meetings.

My partner and I are very busy and cannot always be in the same place at the same time. Lynn has the ability to upload the CAD drawings from or surveyor and present all the details of how our plans fit the site. All of this is done remotely so we can all be in different locations as long as we are in front of a computer. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved us in planning out our first couple of projects.

Lynn will continue to be an asset as we expand our work in the Nashville market. She is always very quick in responding to our ever-changing wants and needs and willing to take on and conquer roadblocks that persist because of ever changing codes and overlays in the city. When we first were looking for a Residential Designer in Nashville she came highly recommended but I would say that she has exceeded even those initial lofty expectations.

Jarrod, Owner | Two J’s Development Group

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