Are you dreaming of building a detached garage or tiny house in the back yard? Or maybe you need a studio, storage or an apartment for family?

Many homeowners are surprised to find out how many different choices and decision there are to make when thinking about building a garage or a accessory building in their back yard. Starting this process can feel like a lot of moving parts all at once. You may be trying to decide if you can even afford a garage with living space above it.

You might also be working to figure out the process of a historic zoning overlay, all while researching how to bid and hire a contractor. And what is the difference between a well-built garage and a spec garage? There’s a lot of difference.

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We’re here to make the process exciting, while empowering you with the necessary information and increasing the value of your home and lifestyle.

Over the years, we’ve assisted many homeowners in selecting garage plans and outbuilding plans. Now tiny houses are the new trend for the homeowner’s back yard! Whether you’re located in a historic neighborhood or live in the countryside, we have the right garage or accessory building layout plan that fits your need.

What makes us different from other home plan designers is that we can tailor our stock garage and tiny house plans to fit the style of your home. We can assist with plan selection, even if you live in another state!

Our accessory building plans are designed to last a life time. We don’t skimp on materials, because we believe buildings should be designed to reduce future maintenance cost and be built to last. Our Construction Drawings for Garages, Outbuildings and Tiny House plans include:

  • Detailed floor plans
  • Electrical layout plan
  • Exterior elevations
  • Wall sections and details
  • Foundation layout plan
  • Framing layout plans – floor, ceiling, and roof UNLESS it’s  designed for pre-engineered trusses

We can assist with the daunting and stressful task of understanding neighborhood requirements and historic guidelines in Nashville, TN. You can count on our assistance in selecting the most appropriate plans for your needs and budget.

We have hundreds of detached garage designs providing a range of options for homeowners seeking to maximize their property. Many of our outbuildings are apartment garage plans. In Nashville, tiny houses in your back yard are called ‘DADU’ or Detached Accessory Dwelling Units.

Our tiny house plans (DADU) range from 300sq. ft. to 910 sq. ft. for your back yard. These house plans are designed with quality materials and are permanent structures. Our tiny houses aren’t designed on wheels or to be mobile.

Do you need something a little different? We can design custom garage plans for you! BTW, we launched the new website last week and we are still working out a few glitches. Thank you for your patience!

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