What is the Magdalene House?

You maybe asking, what is the Magdalene House?  Becca Stevens founded Magdalene back in 1997. I first got involved with the “Booker & Lena” new house back in 2003. That house is a two-story, 4,245 square feet home that houses eight women. Magdalene is a two-year residential community founded in Nashville Tennessee in 1997 for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction.

What is Thistle Farms? Thistle Farms is a non-profit business operated by the women of Magdalene. By hand, the women create natural bath and body products that are as kind to the environment as they are to the body. All sales proceeds go back into the program. In addition, they make GREAT products, so check them out!

Over the years I met several of the women participating in the Magdalene program…they have so much courage. I am grateful and excited to be involved in another residential project.


  1. Ande Hall

    Good afternoon! My name is Ande Hall and I am with Groups Recover Together. Some colleagues and I are meeting in Nashville on December 7, 2023. We were planning on eating lunch at 1:00 at Thistle Farms. I was wondering if you would be possible for us to tour Magdalene House when we’re finished eating. We are all looking forward to learn about our community partners. Please let me know if a tour around 2:00 or 2:15 on 12/7/23.

    Thank you!

    Ande Hall

  2. Lynn Taylor

    I apologize; my system flagged your comment as spam. I hope your Thistle Farms lunch was great. I love the cafe!

    Magdalene Houses are private homes, so there aren’t tours of the buildings. You can contact Thistle Farms for more info on the programs.

    Check out their documentary.

    Lynn Taylor

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