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Curtis Borntrager of Borntrager Homes, Inc. shares his experience.

Curtis Borntrager of Borntrager Homes, Inc. shares his experience building his first Earthcraft House. The Magdalene House located in Nashville, TN. C.  Borntrager’s cell: 615-568-3689 cell As always:  It is your responsibility to check and make sure they have a construction license, liability insurance, workman’s

What is the Magdalene House?

You maybe asking, what is the Magdalene House?  Becca Stevens founded Magdalene back in 1997. I first got involved with the “Booker & Lena” new house back in 2003. That house is a two-story, 4,245 square feet home that houses eight women. Magdalene is a

Groundbreaking at the new Magdalene house!

Finally the groundbreaking on November 12th! Our first official meeting for a new Magdalene house on Arthur Avenue was on Friday, June 12th. There had been discussions and meetings over the last year or two in regards to remodeling the existing house; however, every person