Talking with Jeff Middlebrooks of E3 Innovate

In this video, Jeff and I are discussing the sealed or conditioned crawl space construction and capillary breaks. has a video about stopping capillary moisture – keep water from moving up into foundation by using capillary breaks. Please remember there usually a couple of different construction methods you can use with the same result. In addition, check the climate zone in which your property is located.

Jeff Middlebrooks of E3 Innovate, is our Energy Star certified and EarthCraft house “third party verifier.” He will fill out the paperwork, make site visits, and verify that EarthCraft construction guidelines are being followed. Jeff donated his services for this project. Third party verifiers are important to the process, because the owner hires them, not the contractor or residential designer. We will not have a “certified” home until the end of construction when all the points have been totaled. You could go through the entire process and fail. Hopefully, we have covered everything and will pass! Jeff Middlebrooks can be reached at 615.292.0393 and

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