Pre-Construction Planning Meeting

An On-site consultation meeting is Pre-construction planning on your project. During an on-site consultation meeting, I will be visually surveying the existing house and property for any obvious construction difficulties. Of course, any project can be built, but is it in your budget? Are there big maintenance issues that you haven’t notice? This is just one reason why I review your property for construction difficulties. These items increase your construction cost and can put you over your budget. Here are a few items that can be an addition cost when adding to your home:

  • Will you need to upgrade your sewer line and/or water lines?
  • Are there any trees that need to be removed?
  • Do any accessory buildings require demolition?
  • Will you need to relocate mechanical units?
  • Will you need to relocate or upgrade electric meters and panels?

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Is the project feasible for your budget and future goals?
  • Are there any construction difficulties with your property?
  • Will the existing property conditions increase the construction cost?
  • What is your property zoned? Is it located in a historic or UZO overlay?
  • What is the process of obtaining a historic permit?
  • Do you need to spend $10,000+/- on delayed home maintenance issues?
  • Is remodeling the best option versus moving to a different home?
  • Will the existing house plus renovation suit your family’s future lifestyle?
  • How long will you have to stay in the home for a return on investment?
  • Will the money spent on remodeling give you a good return on investment if you decide to sell the house in the future?
  • Should you consider having a structural engineer conduct a home inspection before starting any preliminary drawings?
  • How does the bidding process work for your project?
  • How do you find, interview, and hire contractors for your project?
  • Will you have to move out during the remodel?
  • Do you want to incorporate energy efficiency and/or green building in your home?

These are all very important questions to consider before you start the design process and spending money with designers. In addition to answering all of these questions, my process always starts with what I call I call a “guesstimate” of the project cost. This is based on my years of experience in additions & renovation design work and after visually surveying the existing property conditions and discussing the type of renovation project you need.

You aren’t obligated to hire me for the construction drawing phase. The information who you receive will benefit you no matter who you hire to design your addition & renovation. The consultation meeting is also a good opportunity for us to see if we are a good fit to work together. I want you to hire the right Residential Designer for your project even if it’s not me!

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