adding to your home

37 TIPS for Homeowners to Avoid Being Scammed

Check out these TIPS before you start the renovation or adding onto your home process. Sometimes we all need reminding of the basics Do’s and Don’ts. You can sign up below for more information on this guide and receive our free gift; 37 tips for

Should I renovate my house or move?

Should you stay or should you go? If you really are thinking, maybe we should just move, what I recommend is for you to go and look at other houses that are for sale in the neighborhood you want to live in. You may decide

Pre-Construction Planning Meeting

An On-site consultation meeting is Pre-construction planning on your project. During an on-site consultation meeting, I will be visually surveying the existing house and property for any obvious construction difficulties. Of course, any project can be built, but is it in your budget? Are there

Construction Drawings for Additions and Renovations

I wanted to discuss and give everyone a preview of what they can expect when I provide them with addition/renovation design construction drawings. Take a look at how detailed they are!   More Additions and Renovations information