G126h-E1 – Two Car Garage Plan with Apartment Above



Have an unused backyard? You might consider maximizing the functionality of your property in this area you do not use. Whether you are looking for an additional revenue source or extra space for the family to stay, we can assist! Our company provides 2 car garage plans with an apartment above ready for your review.


Having a functional garage apartment gives you several options. A short-term rental or long-term rental on your residential premises is convenient, with some revenue, and adds value to your property. Maybe you want to use the accessory building for an office or overflow for an out-of-town guest. This building solves the usual problem of accommodating your visitors, who will spend a few days with you.

We suggest building a DADU, which stands for a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit. The G126h plan is an example of a 1 ½ story Garage Apartment DADU building, with the garage at 744 square feet and the living space upstairs at 535 square feet. The square footage of the apartment was calculated at 5′-0″ knee walls and above.


The height of this garage apartment is under 25’-0” tall from the finish concrete slab with an eave height of less than 10’-0″ from the finish concrete slab. In Nashville, DADU’s cannot be taller than your home or are limited in height to 25′-0″ or 27′-0″ depending on your zoning. If you are in the Nashville area, we can help determine your zoning and allowable DADU accessory building.


We have construction drawings ready of this detached garage plans with apartment for your review, bids, and building of the garage apartment. All the floor plans and layouts are all ready to go, but the garage apartment interiors could be customized according to your tastes. As you can see from the interior pictures of garage apartments constructed, the interior colors, finishes, and fixtures are different styles you can choose. We do not specify interior finishes. However, many homeowners love selecting their finishes! The other option would be to hire an interior designer to help.

Are you ready to get started on your Detached Garage Plans With Apartment? Contact us on our Garage, DADU’s, Outbuildings, and Tiny Houses page at Garage, DADU’s, Outbuildings, and Tiny Houses PAGE

We will provide you with information and the process to order plans or customization!

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