Betsy Hatcher | Renovation & Porch Addition | Nashville, TN

I am very happy with the results of my home remodel and porch addition project! As a homeowner with very limited knowledge of home construction and remodeling, I think the project would not have been so successful without the expertise, experience, and guidance of Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Plans. When I was contemplating the project I knew I had changes I wanted to make to my home as well as structural problems that needed attention. However, I did not know where to begin, nor did I know home construction well enough to make wise decisions about the work. I wanted to repair and maintain the structural integrity of my 50+ year old home, improve energy efficiency, completely remodel my kitchen, relocate a flight of stairs, relocate laundry facilities, and add an exterior deck and screened porch. Beginning with our first conversation, I knew that working with Lynn would make it possible for me to accomplish my goals.

By working with a residential designer, specifically Lynn Taylor, I was able to move from my ideas and wish-list of changes to a clearly defined and realistically formed plan of action. Lynn led me through a process that helped me to address realities of the existing structure, set priorities, and think through the details of the project. Her step by step process was fundamental to creating excellent remodel plans and achieving my desired results while staying within my expense budget.

Some of the most important benefits I received from Lynn’s services:

• Knowledgeable and realistic advice regarding design, preparation, and construction processes necessary to accomplish my desired results.

• Education about the existing structure of my home and fundamental repairs needed for the remodel and porch addition to be successful.

• Discussion of practical concerns and realities of remodeling thus preparing me for potential difficulties that could occur.

• Deliberate process including questions that caused me to think through specific concerns and make proactive decisions about details of the finished work.

• Professional experience shared with me for creative problem solving.

• Guidance that helped me stay on track and realistic about the project plan and budget.

• Excellent remodel plans that were specific and detailed that minimized opportunities for miscommunication with the builder/contractor(s).

• Lynn was available to me and the contractor throughout the construction project to answer questions about the plans and problem solve if needed.

• Matter-of-fact and practical, yet optimistic, outlook and strong work ethic contributed to the project throughout.

Lynn was a great pleasure to work with. I will always credit her with the excellent outcome of my project, and I would happily work with her again in the future. I wholeheartedly give her my highest recommendation. Thanks to her, I have made dreams into realities and my living environment has improved dramatically.

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