Contemporary Style 2-Unit, Stock House Plan C1001h

This new two-story townhome was influenced by many different historic homes in the neighborhood, and showcases a variety of exterior features. All of these elements combine to create a stunning home that is equally suited to comfortable family living and stylish entertaining. The two units are under the same roof massing, which makes it hard to tell it is a townhome plus the layout provides each home with privacy.

Each home features bright cheery designer colors and a spacious, open floor plan on the first floor. The more private second floor includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The change of exterior materials breaks up the two story walls. Lots of windows allow plenty of natural light throughout the home. Each home is around 1,940 square feet and has a basement at 530 square feet. The interior designer provided contemporary exterior color selections and several distinct and complementary finishes.

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