We met with Lynn in a very informal, easy-to-understand meeting and she advised us on what would be the best course of action in our multi-layered case. In that first meeting, Lynn quickly understood the scope of the work and put together cost estimates on the spot to give us an idea of the cost of the project. That advice led us to pursue another direction and we ultimately purchased a new home instead of renovating the current one. But, without that clear, decisive and measured advice, we would have gone down the wrong path.

The fee for that meeting was the best money spent! We didn’t end up using Lynn’s services but gained a residential design advisor for future projects. Thanks for your advice and thinking of our needs first.

S. A. Habib | Consulting Site Visit | East Nashville

We bought our old home 8 years ago and with all the activity in East Nashville…we soon learned how important it is to have your own dedicated parking. So, we decided we needed a garage sooner rather than later. We met with many builders and talked to all sorts of people and did tons of research. Living in a historic district adds a whole new layer of complication.

We decided we wanted to work with Lynn because of her knowledge and experience in our neighborhood. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this decision. Lynn has been so helpful every step of the way. Whether it be with the plans, getting things approved through historic, finding a contractor…you name it…she hasn’t let us down.

With the current level of construction projects in Nashville, this could have gone in much different direction. We were very cautious going in to this because I’ve seen and heard horror stories of bad construction projects…or even just headaches because things weren’t handled correctly through historic or with inappropriate design plans. If you are looking at a construction project, especially in an historic district, I highly recommend Lynn Taylor. She does know what she’s doing. It’s been about as painless as it could be.

Dwayne Breeding | Garage Plan | Historic Edgefield, East Nashville

Dwayne Breeding | Garage Plan | Historic Edgefield, East Nashville

Lynn Taylor is the best!  We hired Taylor Made Plans to design our Garage Apartment because Lynn really understood our vision.  We felt confident she could help turn our concept into a reality.

Lynn has years of experience dealing with Nashville codes.  She knows the people and processes involved in getting approvals to build in a Historical Overlay.  Very important!  Also Lynn has our same aesthetic when it comes to design.  We wanted a building that matched the main house and surrounding neighborhood.  Lynn works and lives in East Nashville and is the “go to” person if you want a design that maintains the charm of this neighborhood.  Lynn took our dream and made it a concrete plan.

After the design phase, Lynn was there with recommendations as we sent the project out to bid with builders.  She stayed involved and visited the job site many times during construction to help us troubleshoot any issues.  That made a big difference in the overall success of the project.  Thanks Lynn!  We love our new addition.

Craig & Jane Lackey | Garage/DADU Renovation | East Nashville


Craig & Jane Lackey | Garage/DADU Renovation | East Nashville

Taylor Made Plans is an asset to Nashville’s booming real estate market aesthetically and functionally! Lynn Taylor is an essential resource for any prospective home buyer, current homeowner or investment property owner.

Lynn’s wealth of knowledge, referral network and resources go beyond the expertise and timeless style she infuses into her designs making her a valuable guide for whatever project your home requires.

If you are purchasing a home, own a home or have investment properties already – call Lynn! Have her come over and go over all the options for your property. Be inspired by her perspective, consider her ideas and feel confident with her recommendations. You’ll feel like you have a partner in the process and end up with design you can really live with!

Chuck and Lindsay Garric | Consulting Site Visit | Nashville

We hired Taylor Made Plans to design our DADU and we could not be happier. Going into this blindly, Lynn Taylor led us through every step of the process and gave us great advice when it came to choosing the design elements that would work best in the space we had to work with. We had many questions throughout the design process and she patiently answered in a way that was understandable. She was also able to recommend several general contractors that she felt could bring her design to life. We are so thrilled with the final product! Overall, I’m amazed at how smooth the process was and now we have a gorgeous DADU!

Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit – DADU or Garage Apartment


Jessica & Steven Wilmoth | DADU | East Nashville

As a builder we always strive to meet our clients expectations. The knowledge and attention to detail we get from Taylor Made Plans is priceless. It protects the client and makes our job of building a lot easier with knowing that the drawings were actually thought through. Lynn Taylor is constantly continuing her education and keeping up with the ever changing codes. This allows us as builders to give our clients projects we know will last.

Michael Curtis| Managing Partner, VP Of Sales, Borntrager Homes, Inc.

Taylor Made Plans! Want the ultimate experience? That is what you get when working with Lynn Taylor!

As of January 2016 we have built 3 new homes, 2 of which were in a historic district. Lynn assisted our project from start to finish with these homes. The ability to web share with multiple folks involved allowed us to have input to make changes of the stock plan to customize to our needs for the project. Another HUGE asset she provides is her experience with the Metro Historic Zoning Commission in Nashville. When the project was presented to the commission Lynn was there throughout the whole process to insure the approval of the project.

The plans are very detailed and when details were followed the home was easily constructed and the quality was top notch. Lynn works with the builder and assisted the sub-contractors during the entire process. The end product is always over the top, solid, beautiful home when the plans are followed. As one new home buyer stated “This was the best home we had looked in the entire East Nashville area. We looked at over 50 new construction homes and we were ecstatic that we had a chance to even offer and even more so that we were able to purchase this home.”

After each project was completed Lynn worked with us and we went over the entire build and documented any changes that were done to make the build even better for the next user that may want to use the plan.
We pride ourselves on building the highest quality homes with premium finishes and this was accomplished with a good foundation – a superior house plan. Lynn’s experience and assistance is an immeasurable asset in the entire process.

Thank you Lynn Taylor, Taylor Made Plans for working with us and for all your help, awesome drawings and especially your friendship! We could not do this without you. We have learned so much in the past year and you have been one of the keys to our success.

With Taylor Made Plans we look forward to making more future Nashville homeowners proud to call our product their home.

Jim Neumaier | JH Home Builders, LLC | Stock House Plans | East Nashville

When we started down the path of remodeling our home, we had no idea what we were doing. Fortunately, we had Lynn Taylor. Lynn came highly recommended from a friend who had worked with Lynn on her remodel, so we set up a meeting to discuss our ideas. Right away, Lynn proved how knowledgeable she was regarding design, construction, historic zoning and project management. She created an amazing floor plan and connected us with some high-quality vendors. We couldn’t be happier with the way our renovation turned out, and we repeatedly say that we couldn’t imagine going through this process with anyone other than Lynn. She’s creative, honest, accessible, and dependable. We are huge Lynn Taylor fans!

Brandon and Frank | Addition & Renovation Project | East Nashville

I am very happy with the results of my home remodel and porch addition project! As a homeowner with very limited knowledge of home construction and remodeling, I think the project would not have been so successful without the expertise, experience, and guidance of Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Plans. When I was contemplating the project I knew I had changes I wanted to make to my home as well as structural problems that needed attention. However, I did not know where to begin, nor did I know home construction well enough to make wise decisions about the work. I wanted to repair and maintain the structural integrity of my 50+ year old home, improve energy efficiency, completely remodel my kitchen, relocate a flight of stairs, relocate laundry facilities, and add an exterior deck and screened porch. Beginning with our first conversation, I knew that working with Lynn would make it possible for me to accomplish my goals.

By working with a residential designer, specifically Lynn Taylor, I was able to move from my ideas and wish-list of changes to a clearly defined and realistically formed plan of action. Lynn led me through a process that helped me to address realities of the existing structure, set priorities, and think through the details of the project. Her step by step process was fundamental to creating excellent remodel plans and achieving my desired results while staying within my expense budget.

Some of the most important benefits I received from Lynn’s services:

• Knowledgeable and realistic advice regarding design, preparation, and construction processes necessary to accomplish my desired results.

• Education about the existing structure of my home and fundamental repairs needed for the remodel and porch addition to be successful.

• Discussion of practical concerns and realities of remodeling thus preparing me for potential difficulties that could occur.

• Deliberate process including questions that caused me to think through specific concerns and make proactive decisions about details of the finished work.

• Professional experience shared with me for creative problem solving.

• Guidance that helped me stay on track and realistic about the project plan and budget.

• Excellent remodel plans that were specific and detailed that minimized opportunities for miscommunication with the builder/contractor(s).

• Lynn was available to me and the contractor throughout the construction project to answer questions about the plans and problem solve if needed.

• Matter-of-fact and practical, yet optimistic, outlook and strong work ethic contributed to the project throughout.

Lynn was a great pleasure to work with. I will always credit her with the excellent outcome of my project, and I would happily work with her again in the future. I wholeheartedly give her my highest recommendation. Thanks to her, I have made dreams into realities and my living environment has improved dramatically.

Betsy Hatcher | Renovation & Porch Addition | Nashville, TN

As a newer developer to Nashville I cannot overstate how much of an asset that Lynn Taylor has been. As a company we always strive to provide the highest quality of home in not only craftsmanship but design as well. The knowledge and attention to detail we receive from Lynn is so valuable. I would say that the most valuable service that Lynn brings to the table is her ability to have virtual meetings.

My partner and I are very busy and cannot always be in the same place at the same time. Lynn has the ability to upload the CAD drawings from or surveyor and present all the details of how our plans fit the site. All of this is done remotely so we can all be in different locations as long as we are in front of a computer. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved us in planning out our first couple of projects.

Lynn will continue to be an asset as we expand our work in the Nashville market. She is always very quick in responding to our ever-changing wants and needs and willing to take on and conquer roadblocks that persist because of ever changing codes and overlays in the city. When we first were looking for a Residential Designer in Nashville she came highly recommended but I would say that she has exceeded even those initial lofty expectations.

Jarrod, Owner | Two J’s Development Group

Jarrod | Owner | Two J’s Development Group | Stock House Plans

“We’re so glad we found Lynn! Entering into our first major home renovation, we needed a lot of help and hand-holding through the process. Lynn came over for a consult and outlined her entire process with us from start to finish, and that’s exactly how it went once we got started: clear and upfront every step of the way. She was even able to accommodate our crazy schedules with online screen-sharing meetings. She listened to our ideas, respected our budget, and by the end of her schematic phase we somehow managed to get everything we wanted to fit perfectly in a tight space. She even introduced us to a wonderful contractor. We’d recommend Lynn to anyone.”

Betsy and Andy Snyder | East Nashville

“Great work earns great results. The secret is out, Lynn Taylor – your designs are about manifesting the desired lifestyle of your clients in a beautiful package that respects the property’s surroundings. You hold the client and the builder to a higher standard that they may never achieve without you and the results are spectacular! Keep on!”

Kimble Bosworth | Addition and Renovation Projects

“Lynn worked well with us on design and with the contractors on execution. Every day we enjoy our home because of her ideas, her knowledge of translating ideas into plans and her collaborations with the contractors.”

Eileen Beehan | Renovation Project

“I am fortunate to live in a Lynn Taylor design home. I live in East Nashville and I love the fact that individuals usually think that my home was completely renovated. I have the best of both worlds; a home that looks historical, but is new. The floor plan is an open design and the details are more than I could have thought of. Lynn is professional, articulate, detailed, knowledgeable and not afraid to express her recommendations. I am a commercial real estate broker, I have to pay attention to detail and I would recommend Lynn to anyone without fear that I would not be thanked for my recommendation.”

Sharon Emerson | New Home Owner

“I can endorse Lynn Taylor and Taylor Made Plans without reservation or hesitation. As a homeowner, I have survived several renovation projects. When Lynn Taylor describes herself as the homeowner’s “advocate” during the process, she is not kidding, and unless you plan on being there the entire time the contractors are working on your house, you need someone like her overseeing the process. I have done it both ways, and I can tell you the difference is tremendous. With a Lynn Taylor project, you get what you wanted done to your house at the cost you expected, and there are no unpleasant surprises.”

Mary Neil | Screened-In Porch Addition

“I live in a Lynn Taylor designed house and I have built her plans extensively since 1999, so I have a personal and professional interest in her work. Personally, I like the openness of the plans and the fact that they lend themselves to contemporary interior treatments. From a professional perspective, her designs have performed very well in our market in both an infill context and in subdivision use. The exterior features exhibit a warmth that is very appealing to our buyers. Additionally, her designs can be built at a reasonable cost.”

Steve Neighbors | Formerly with Affordable Housing Resources, Inc. | Stock House Plans

“For many years, Lynn has been one of Nashville’s leaders in historic preservation and design. Restoring a building well is a significant contribution to sustainability! My home and I have benefited directly from Lynn’s leadership in events and workshops in which she brings local experts together to inform and inspire homeowners to embrace the historic character of their homes and to increase their sustainability. Lynn is delightful to work with one-on-one. She has a great sense of humor, vast knowledge and numerous contacts for achieving aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective construction. I highly recommend her!”

Jane Hardy | President, Career Resources, Inc.

“Lynn’s made a great difference in raising the bar for the quality of home design that complements historic neighborhoods. Her work has grown and developed over the years. Importantly, her plans aren’t ‘cookie cutter,’ but continue to be interesting, diverse, and challenging — just like the residents of East Nashville.”

Jeff Ockerman | Historic East Nashville resident

“Even though TMP is three hours away, our lines of communication are always open and I feel like you’ve been a great help with any questions or concerns I’ve had. My contractor has been comfortable with your plans (the detail is amazing!) and knows that you are available any time for questions or comments. The booklet of details helped him a lot. Unlike other CDCs in Memphis, we build exclusively in historic areas, which means our construction costs are sometimes a bit higher because of the “nuances” of building historically sensitive buildings. It has been wonderful to work with someone who understands both historic designs and affordable houses. Our costs are about the same as they were before, but our plans really stand out. They are beautiful!”

Sutton Mora Hayes | Executive Directer, formerly with Cooper-Young CDC | Stock House Plans

“Thank you so much for creating such detailed plans. You always go above and beyond to explain exactly how you want your houses built and trimmed out. I just wish that every plan was as detailed as yours. It would make construction so much easier and more accurate.”

Curtis Borntrager | General Contractor, Borntrager Homes, Inc. | Stock House Plans

“I have worked with Lynn for the past 8 years. Her plans are highly regarded by contractors for their attention to detail, her technical skills, and for cost-saving planning. Clients appreciate her plans because she is able to translate their needs and blend the new with the old. I always feel confident when referring Lynn because I know that the client’s best interest will be at the forefront. Lynn is quick to tell people what she knows will work and what she does not recommend. Her honesty is forthright and appreciated. Lynn stays abreast of industry trends and improved processes. She incorporates sustainable practices and technology into her plans and researches tirelessly to make sure she is designing to the best of the industry.”

Beth Haley | Interior Designer, Beth Haley Design, LLC

“Lynn and I match up well with respect to historic preservation and replica design. I appreciate and like to work with those who are willing to take a little extra time to complete a project sensitive to its surroundings and time period. I will work with Lynn on many projects in the future.”

Jim Creason | Trust Development, LLC | Stock House Plans

“As an independent project manager, I have had the pleasure of building numerous Taylor Made Plans homes. The plans are among the most thorough and detailed I have ever used. On custom plans, Lynn spends the necessary time with the client to determine exactly what their needs are. She includes plan details to make the homes as energy-efficient as possible. The interior layouts are well thought out and allow maximization of space with an open feeling.  The details for exterior trim allow for a beautiful end product whether the structure is a historic replica home or a more modern interpretation.  The final thing that sets Taylor Made Plans ahead of all others is Lynn’s willingness to meet with the builder and be available for any questions that might arise during the construction process.”

Mark Buchanan | Construction Project Manager

“Lynn Taylor has the ultimate vision of lifestyle that works so well with historical replica homes.  I love my home and have the best of both worlds: the combination of historical home feel and new construction.  Yet, I also get to live in the historical area and fit in with the other homes in my neighborhood. So many people thought my home was completely renovated – you should see their eyes when I tell them it is a new construction home.  Their mouths just drop open.  Thank you, Lynn, for making my home such a wonderful place!  I love to brag that I live in a Taylor Made Plans-designed home.  When I make the comment, people frequently say their goal one day is to live in one of Lynn Taylor’s homes.  Keep up the ultimate vision!”

Jeffrey Johnson | Interior Designer and Realtor, www.jeffreydesignllc.com

“Happy 14th anniversary, Lynn! Our neighborhood is even more beautiful because of your expertise and devotion. I love walking and driving through Lockeland Springs and recognizing the beautiful homes you’ve designed. Thank you for all your contributions!”

Rebecca Alford | East Nashville Resident

“Thanks for my wonderful house plan; it just keeps on being competent and wonderful!”

Deborah Leeper | Addition and Renovation Project

“Lynn Taylor possesses a rare combination of deep, friendly knowledge communicated with true folksy wit. A skilled residential designer with hands-on knowledge of rehab as well as ground-up construction, Lynn knows hot to translate the important aspect of design in historic neighborhoods into language that is understood by tradesmen and property owners alike. She has first hand experience win the power of compatible new construction and sensitive additions to historic structures to successfully revitalize entire zip codes!”

Susan Owen Atkinson | AICP Former Community Planner/Historic Preservation Officer for City of Norman