Inside Magdalene House – Part 1

First, I want to apologize for how dark the video turned out in the beginning. The window opening was throwing the camera off. We refer to this type of framing as either “Smart Framing” or “Advanced Wall Framing” technique. We wanted to show you some

Talking about Smart-Framing

As you can see, there was a lot of activity on the job site that day. I had already been at the site early in the day, and Keenan Allen was there, and I asked him to come back and join us. Keenan is with

Talking with Jeff Middlebrooks of E3 Innovate

In this video, Jeff and I are discussing the sealed or conditioned crawl space construction and capillary breaks. has a video about stopping capillary moisture – keep water from moving up into foundation by using capillary breaks. Please remember there usually a couple of

Groundbreaking at the new Magdalene house!

Finally the groundbreaking on November 12th! Our first official meeting for a new Magdalene house on Arthur Avenue was on Friday, June 12th. There had been discussions and meetings over the last year or two in regards to remodeling the existing house; however, every person

Kilowatt Ours Interview

At this years Governor’s Housing Summit I took some time to walk around the exhibit hall and interview some of my favorite non-profits. Jennifer Barrie works for Kilowatt Ours which is actually a movie her brother, Jeff Barrie, filmed about a plan to re-energize America.

The Unico System Interview

This year I was a speaker and exhibitor at the 2009 National Preservation Conference held here in Nashville. I took some time to walk around the exhibit hall and interview some of my favorite products/businesses. The Unico System is a great mechanical system for historic